External objectivity - from every perspective

Good consultancy involves studying the company with skill and objectivity from as many perspectives as possible. To be able to do this, there is a need for an in-depth knowledge of business, social and psychological options and connections.

We are skilled in providing advice, and have extensive training experience and coaching skills. We believe that the key to corporate development lies in extending perspectives and cultural variety.


Systemic Consulting

Companies are more successful the better they get to grips with constant technological, social, economic and cultural change. We approach these tasks "systemically". [ more ]


We offer support for personal development in professional and private decision-making situations. [ more ]

Intercultural Skills

We prepare companies and their staff for working in other countries and for intercultural teamwork. [ more ]


Reducing staff numbers requires great sensitivity. How redundancies are dealt with is crucial for the work atmosphere. [ more ]

Project Skills

Project work is increasingly important. Project skills are learnable. [ more ]